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Unfortunately, the directions that come with the Wall Fixture Module are not at all clear. Fortunately, I was able to contact technical support at Linear. When I finally got to talk with someone who Read More
I always thought that these dishwashing tablets were gimicky. I never put a lot of faith into them, but I decided to give these a try after reading all of the awesome reviews. I got more than I barg Read More
Pwr+ vs Tenergy
I decided to fix up a broken spare parts Roomba that I had inherited, and give the kiddo a thrill by having 2 Roombas. The operating Roomba had a Tenergy battery that I had purchased nearly a year ago Read More
Amazing Book
I have been going through some emotional battles that have built up over the years following a divorce and an ongoing custody battle. I broke down and went and seen a psychologist and she suggested t Read More